Little bamBAM Baby Teething Toy


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    SAVE YOUR SANITY - When your wee bubby is teething the whole household can be put under STRESS, lots and lots of it! Our Little bamBam teether toys can help reduce that stress for all, allowing you to enjoy this wonderful period with your child rather than wishing it away.

    PROVIDE RELIEF FOR BUBBIES SORE GUMS - All babies instinctively want to chew on whatever they can get their little hands on when the teeth start to push through. Made from soft, chewable, baby-safe silicone, Little bamBAM baby teether toys are the perfect texture for those tender gums – we call it the Goldilocks Zone, not too hard and not too soft, just perfect.

    MOST HYGIENIC OPTION FOR YOUR BABY - Nearly every Baby Teether on the market has joins or cracks in it, Bambeado teethers do not. It is a single molded product, so there is NOWHERE FOR BACTERIA TO ACCUMULATE AND MOLD TO GROW. Certified BPA Free, PVC Free, Lead Free.

    LOTS OF COLOR, LOTS OF TEXTURE - The ears, legs and horns are just the right size for little hands to hold and the bright color will help stimulate your baby.