Little Bamber - the world's only Natural Amber and Natural Rubber Teething Toy



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    The Natural Amber and Natural Rubber Teething Toy - a world-first alternative for traditional amber teething necklaces

    NATURAL SOOTHING PROPERTIES OF AMBER AND RUBBER – natural Baltic amber has been used for centuries in both Europe and Asia. The natural rubber is derived from environmentally sustainable sources, making this all-natural product safe for baby to use when teething.

    100% NATURAL PRODUCTS – this amber teething toy is made from 100% natural products – no coloring, dyes or additives have been used and it is fragrance free, chemical free and has no masking agents or flavoring to alter the taste or scent.

    EASY FOR INFANTS TO HOLD – designed for infants to hold easily in their hands, this amber teething toy is both fun and practical at the same time, helping with teething pain and stimulating baby’s sensory skills too

    100% natural amber teething toy which has been designed for babies to hold and draw to their mouths to help soothe and comfort sore gums. A solid, rubber and amber teething toy which has no holes or cracks in its design, inhibiting any mold growth and making it super easy to clean with just warm water and soap.

    Baltic Amber has been used as a natural, alternative pain relief supplement for centuries. Believed to help relieve teething pain and drooling, this amber teething toy can help calm babies and reduce fussiness. The unique, stimulating giraffe shape also helps to reach all of the painful area’s on baby’s gums and the 3D shapes and nodules provide extra relief too.
  • Reviews

    Great quality. Came as described

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    My little one just loves this teether! And I can feel it is done with great attention to details and top quality. I really like the natural packaging and the fact that it is not added with any fragrance - I am very sensitive to perfume and this teether has this sweet-soft natural smell which is wonderful :)

    Great teether, baby loves it and bamber can withstand l o t s of love. For whatever reason I couldn't purchase off of their website directly, so this listing was helpful. Would recommend for any new parents looking for a better paci

    We won’t know if the baby likes the toy for a while but the product quality seems great & one of a kind. Very fast shipping & communication from business.